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Cash Management Services


Investment Sweep Services

Funds are automatically invested into our Cash Management Money Market Investment Sweep account.  The investment account is an interest-bearing account and is FDIC insured.


Business Online Banking Services

Access your account information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Our online banking services for Cash Management customers offer a convenient, safe, and secure way to save you time and money.

  • View accounts and transfer funds between Mid Penn Bank accounts
  • Originate ACH transactions
  • Initiate Domestic and International wire transfers
  • Direct deposit of payroll
  • Bill payments
  • Tax payments

Sign up for Business Online Banking today! For help completing the Business Online Banking Enrollment forms below, please contact Mid Penn Bank's Online Banking Department at 717-896-5399.

Please submit a copy of your most recent resolution when mailing the enrollment forms to us.

Mail all enrollment forms to:
Mid Penn Bank
Operations Center - OLB
894 North River Rd.
Halifax, PA 17032

Basic Business Online Banking Enrollment Forms

The following enrollment forms are for basic online banking business services.  If you wish to enroll for certain online banking services including wire transfer capabilities, ACH capabilities or remote deposit capture services, please contact our Cash Management Department directly at (717) 920-8349 to enroll for Mid Penn Bank's Cash Management On-Line Banking services.

If you do not need access to wire transfer capabilities, ACH capabilities or remote deposit capture services, please enroll for online banking using the following forms:

Form 1 - Client and Senior Administrator Enrollment Form
Each business client must complete this form for online banking enrollment/access. Each client should choose one (1) Senior Administrator for the company.

Form 2 - User Enrollment Form (Administrator, Supervisor and User Access)
To add additional business online users for the company, in addition to the Senior Administrator [Form 1], please use this form. 

Form 3 - View-Only User Enrollment Form
To add additional business online users with VIEW ONLY access rights, please use this form.

Form 4 - Online Banking Employee Group - Access Rights Form
Print and refer to this form when determining Access Rights for the User Enrollment Forms [Form 2 and 3].

Form 5 - Client and User Accounts (Addition-Deletion-Change Form)
If already enrolled in business online banking, use this form to add additional accounts, delete accounts or change account access rights for an online user.

Business Bill Pay Enrollment Form

Form 6 - SB Bill Pay Enrollment Form
If already enrolled in business online banking, use this form to add Business Bill Pay to an existing client and user. 

Business Account E-Statement Enrollment Form

Business Account E-Statement Enrollment Form
If already enrolled in business online banking, use this form to enroll business accounts for E-Statements.  Please also review the E-Statements Terms and Conditions attached to the enrollment form. 


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Remote Deposit Capture

MPB DEPOSIT XPRE$$ gives business customers the ability to scan checks received and issue deposits to the bank electronically from a desktop anywhere, anytime day or night.  It is the quickest way to turn check deposits into cash.  

Learn more about MPB Deposit XPRE$$ with an online tutorial:

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Merchant Services

Mid Penn Bank's credit card processing is convenient and flexible for both you and your customer:

  • Process payments for VISA®, MasterCard®, Discover®, American Express®, MAC, EBT, and more
  • Receive a free, no obligation rate comparison even if you're currently processing with another provider
  • Purchase new equipment at very competitive prices
  • All fees come out of your account at the end of the month, not daily
  • Local support for installation, training, and questions
  • Merchant Services Representative available on premises

For more information on Merchant Services, or to contact us directly via secure email, click here. 


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Zero Balance Accounts (ZBA)

Cash Management Zero Balance Accounts are designed to help your business manage cash more efficiently.  ZBA accounts serve as disbursement accounts for special purposes, such as payroll.  The disbursement account serves as the transactional account, while funds are maintained in a concentration account or investment sweep account, thus optimizing the use of funds for your business.

 For more information, please contact the Cash Management Department at 717-920-8349.  To contact us via secure e-mail, click here.


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